Citrus County BOCC Agendas

Florida Governor

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

Florida House of Representatives


Senator Bill Nelson
 (Fighting Oil on Fl Coast)      energy-bill-in-latest-effort-to-prevent-drilling

Senator Marco Rubio

Congressman Bill Nugent

City of Inverness

Eco Watch                                 solar-energy/

The Watery Foundation

Citrus County Animal Services

Crime Stoppers (Animals Also)

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Watch this encapsulated version of where we are and where we are going! IMPORTANT

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Light rail Now is all about the cities around the country that are adopting light rail systems and why!

This is an animated explanation of what really happens when we consume!
It’s time to quit the throw away society!

Here is a site that tells you how you can go about eating healthier and local which means less energy intensive.

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