Environment and Natural Resources Committee
Chair: Maxine Connor
PURPOSE:  Preserve the environment upon which the ecosystems of Citrus County depends for the benefit of
its citizens; Support educational efforts to promote conservation of our natural resources; encourage public
policies that enable conservation and preservation of our natural heritage for future generations.

Government Affairs Committee
Chair:  Tom Mize  352-897-4899  CCCGov.Affairs@gmail.com
Meetings are the 4th Monday @ 10 a.m. at Cadence Bank- 3860 N Lecanto Hwy, Beverly Hills

3860 N Lecanto Hwy

PURPOSE:  Monitor the actions of County Government in accordance with ethical governance and Florida’s
Sunshine laws; promote a fiscally responsible budget development; and hold public officials accountable;
educate citizens about their rights and responsibilities to make local government more open, effective, and
efficient. Our watchdog roll has prompted positive changes in the way Citrus County Government operates.

Education Committee
Chair:  Bud Osborn  726-7805   CCCEducation@gmail.com
Meeting as needed,
PURPOSE:  The Education Committee is a body of dedicated men and women working to promote high quality
education at reasonable cost through a better understanding of the school board, teacher, student, and
community needs.
(Bud is looking for an apprentice to work with him on this committee and take over the committee when comfortable with the
position. Apply with Bud if you would like to get involved.) 
There is no limit to accomplishments possible while there is no limit to the number of members per committee!