Our mission is to protect our 
environment and natural resources, thereby preserving quality of life in Citrus County.

We do this by monitoring local government, researching issues 
and disseminating relevant information through our  members and delegates. We are all citizen volunteers.
Government Affairs Meetings
10a.m. on the 4th Monday of each month held at the Cadence Bank on CR491 in Beverly Hills
Contact: Tom Mize- Chair: 


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informative Facebook page.
It contains some different information also.**

 The latest update for the extension of Suncoast Parkway 3 to continue north from SR44 up through Citrus County to parallel I-75 north past Jacksonville has been put on the back burner. FDOT will be concentrating on relieving traffic on I-75 by widening I-75 and making other improvements.      
   Info on current activities of the Task Force

The Suncoast Parkway and all related 
projects are very important for our county
and community groups to maintain 
updates. This area will hold all links to 
assist you. 


  More information about upcoming
meetings will be available on the project
website at 
ww.i75relief.com Please direct
any questions or comments to Hui Wei Shen,
FDOT Project Manager, by phone at
(850) 414-4911, or by email at  Huiwei.Shen@dot.state.fl.us. 

The Florida Channel has agreed with FDOT to
videotape all remaining I-75 Relief Task Force
meetings. FDOT is also negotiating for live-
streaming the remaining Task Force meetings. 
TUNE IN http://thefloridachannel.org/, and learn
about this process that threatens our Florida.  

  Suncoast 2 Opposition Seeking Funding

Suncoast 2 is planned to be a 4 lane (approved or lanes) toll road from the Hernando/Citrus county line northto SR 44 in Citrus County. No one is sure, except maybe FDOT, where Suncoast 2 will go after SR 44. It could go north to Norvel Bryant (CR486) or terminate at 44, sending traffic east through Inverness to I-75 or to US 41 to go to points north towards Ocala and Gainesville or to a very crowded US 19 in the center of Crystal River. The public has been left in the dark about this mysterious route.
The projected traffic on Suncoast 2 to SR 44 is woefully small much like the north section of the existing Suncoast. 

It is noteworthy that many years after completion of the Suncoast Parkway the road does not generate enough in tolls to pay for itself. Extending the road into Citrus County will not produce enough revenue to pay for the bonds. Yet the state is willing to spend $257 million on this 13 mile stretch into Citrus County. Governor Scott put $150 M into the budget for it but won't say why or where it is coming from.
One can only speculate about the intent and feasibility as no studies have been done to assess the impact of ending at 44 or going “somewhere north” and not to US 19 as was the original plan.
The I-75 task force concluded that improvements to I-75 should be the first priority. 
A non-profit has been formed to stop Suncoast 2 until the northern route is known and all stakeholders have been empowered. The name is: Friends of ETNA Turpentine Camp. We are seeking donations for legal help. Donations can be sent to Friends of ETNA Turpentine Camp, PO Box 75, Floral City, Florida 34436. Below is a link to articles from the Dec/Jan edition of the Suncoast Standard that gives information on ETNA and the history
of the proposed road. 
The Task Force did not approve as first on its list the construction of this new road west of I-75 but put it last. Its first choice was to improve I-75 and also promote traffic taking alternate routes west of I-75, specifically SR 44 from I-75 in Wildwood to this new SC 2 segment ending at SR 44 in the middle of Citrus County. Governor Scott for unknown reasons put in last year's budget $150 M to make this road go. Total cost for the road is $257 M or over 1/4 of a BILLION DOLLARS to go where? There is no approval from the Task Force to build any further in the near future. 
We do know it will destroy the Etna Turpentine Camp that is on the National Register and actually was a town up until 1926 and part of the main industry then in Citrus County and in Florida. It's a lost part of history as they used leased convict labor comprised mainly of African-Americans arrested by local sheriffs on trumped up minor charges and forced to work in horrible conditions and be whipped if they did not make their quota. We know also that it will destroy 700 acres of the Withlacoochee State Forest which it traverses for 7 miles. The SC 2 also runs in its entirety over the Brooksville Ridge which is the main recharge area for the first magnitude coastal springs that are home to the manatees of world fame. SWFWMD actually in its infinite wisdom approved the road for being eight lane and allows them to use closed depressions for drainage ponds. The Floridan Aquifer in Citrus County has 
no confining clay layer to speak of and these depressions are indicators of fractures and conduits in the karst geology of the Brooksville Ridge. So where does road pollution and spills go? Right to the springs!!! I learned all this from SWFWMD's own research which they refused to follow as the directors now are all yes men to Governor Scott just like all the other water boards. Scott's $150 M could be better spent on the Everglades projects. It's a lot 
of money!!! People don't seem to get that. This is not pocket change. And for a 13 mile road in a county with just 140,000 residents with the second highest poverty rate in the state and a population 1/3rd of which is over 65. What's the purpose here, Governor Scott? So please consider supporting our efforts to stop this totally useless expenditure of tax dollars. (statement received from Robert Roscow)


Please also see ENR tab on menu as many items have been moved and new items appear! Stay informed!!





Events at the Valerie Theatre for August 2017

Classic Movie Series

August 13 @ 3PM


King Creole is a 1958 American musical drama film directed by Michael Curtiz and starring Elvis Presley, Carolyn Jones, and Walter Matthau. Produced by Hal B. Wallis and based on the 1952 novel A Stone for Danny Fisher by Harold Robbins, the film is about a nineteen-year-old who gets mixed up with crooks and involved with two women. Presley later indicated that of all the characters he portrayed throughout his acting career, the role of Danny Fisher in King Creole was his favorite. To make the film, Presley was granted a 60-day deferment from January to March 1958 for beginning his military service.

August 20 @ 3PM


All The President's Men is a 1976 American political thriller film directed by Alan J. Pakula. The screenplay by William Goldman is based on the 1974 non-fiction book of the same name by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, the two journalists investigating the Watergate scandal for The Washington Post. The film stars Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman as Woodward and Bernstein, respectively; it was produced by Walter Coblenz for Redford's Wildwood Entertainment. In 2010, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

August 27 @ 3PM


The Music Man is a 1962 American musical film starring Robert Preston as Harold Hill and Shirley Jones as Marian Paroo. The film is based on the 1957 Broadway musical of the same name by Meredith Willson. The film was one of the biggest hits of the year and highly acclaimed critically. In 2005, The Music Man was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

To see all of our offerings, visit our website at www.valerietheatre.org.

Box Office opens one hour before show time. Tickets are available at the box office Thursday, Friday & Saturday, Noon to 4PM and online anytime at


207 Courthouse Square, Inverness, FL 34450 (352)-341-7850x2



US 19 and Homosassa Trail intersection updates


Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is asking motorists to be aware of road projects in Citrus County and to use caution while in these areas.


•             Periodic lane closures may take place in both directions of US 19 from W. Green Acres Street to S. Jump Court between 8:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Sunday through Saturday (August 6 - 12) nights. At least one lane will remain open in each direction during the nighttime lane closures. Motorists should be alert to lane shifts on US 19.

•             Due to drainage construction work, traffic has been shifted on US 19 (Suncoast Boulevard) near W. Homosassa Trail. As a result, the southbound US 19 left turn onto eastbound Homosassa Trail is temporarily closed.  Homosassa Trail on the west side of US 19 is also temporarily closed to all traffic. Drivers going to the shopping plaza on the west side of US 19 need to use one of the entrances to the parking lot that is north of Homosassa Trail.


•             Detour for southbound US 19 to eastbound Homosassa Trail: Continue south on US 19 and turn left onto W. Grover Cleveland Boulevard. Turn left onto Ohio Street and go north to Homosassa Trail.


Commissioner Carnahan to Hold Fire Services Town Hall at Central Ridge Library


Citrus County is currently conducting a nationwide search for a new Fire Chief. We would like to thank Jim Goodworth for his service and we recognize that choosing the next Chief is an important decision and the next step in building fire services in our community. 


Commissioner and Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners Scott Carnahan, who also served as Chairman of the Fire Service Committee, will be holding a Town Hall meeting at the Central Ridge Library to discuss fire services and receive your input regarding the provision of those services, discuss options and alternatives for service and funding.  The meeting information is as follows: 


Thursday, August 17 – Central Ridge Library, 425 W. Roosevelt Blvd., Beverly Hills, FL 34465, from 5:30pm to 7:00pm and the event is open to the public.


For more information, please call Public Information Officer Cynthia Oswald at (352) 527-5484.


Nature Coast Volunteer Center is sponsoring a shoes and socks drive for needy children in Citrus County


Nature Coast Volunteer Center (NCVC) of Citrus County and Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) are sponsoring the “Two Good Soles” drive, collecting new shoes and socks for children in need through September 11th. 2017 marks the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and has been designated a National Day of Service and Remembrance. Everyone is invited to participate in the remembrance of 9/11 by making a donation of new shoes and socks at several donation boxes located throughout Citrus County. Convenient drop-off locations are as follows:


Central Citrus Community Center, 2804 W. Marc Knighton Ct. Lecanto

Central Ridge Community Center, 77 Civic Circle, Beverly Hills

Citrus County Libraries—all locations

Citrus County Resource Center, 2804 W. Marc Knighton Ct., Lecanto

Citrus County Schools, District Service Center, Inverness

Citrus County Tax Collectors Office, Crystal River and Inverness

Citrus Springs Community Center, 1570 W. Citrus Springs Blvd.

East Citrus Community Center, 9907 E. Gulf to Lake Hwy., Inverness

Inverness Community Center, 1082 N. Paul Dr., Inverness

Drummond Bank, 2453 N Citrus Hills Blvd, Hernando

Drummond Bank, 1161 N. Suncoast Blvd., Crystal River

West Citrus Community Center, 8940 W. Veterans Dr., Homosassa

YMCA, 4127 W. Norvell Bryant Hwy., Lecanto


Collection items will benefit these local agencies (Citrus Abuse Shelter, Citrus County District Student Services, Citrus County Family Resource Center, Citrus United Basket, Daystar Life Center, and the Pregnancy & Family Life Center).If you are a business or civic organization that would like to learn how you can participate in “Two Good Soles”, please call 352-527-5959.


The Hernando/Citrus Metropolitan Planning Organization to hold public meeting


The Hernando/Citrus Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) will hold a public meeting on Tuesday, August 15, 2017, beginning at 1:00 p.m., at the Lecanto Government Building, 3600 W. Sovereign Path, Room 166, Lecanto, Florida.


Items scheduled on the agenda include, but are not limited to:

·        Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Administrative Amendment Authority and Roll Forward Amendment (FY 2018 – FY 2022)

·        Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) FY 2016/17 – FY 2017/18 Carry Forward Modification

·        Joint Participation Agreement (JPA) Approval for Section 5305(d) Funding for FY 2018

·        Hernando/Citrus Counties Transit Development Plan (TDP) 2017 Annual Progress Reports

·        Amendment to the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Agreement associated with the FY 2016/17 – FY 2017/18 UPWP amendment.


The public is encouraged to attend.  Any questions concerning this public meeting should be directed to Mr. Dennis Dix, AICP, MPO Executive Director, Hernando/Citrus Metropolitan Planning Organization, 20 North Main Street, Room 262, Brooksville, FL, 34601, telephone (352) 754-4057, extension 28014 or email mpo@hernandocitrusmpo.us.





Citrus County Proposed Budget
http://www.citrusbocc.com/managebudget/FY-17-18-proposed-budget.pdf    There is a a Tentative Budget Hearing scheduled for September 14 at 5:01PM and the Final Budget Hearing is scheduled for September 26 at 5:01PM. Both are open to the public and held in the BOCC Chambers at the Citrus County Courthouse, 110 N. Apopka Ave. Inverness.                                         


Citrus County Animal Services in need of donations for new program


Citrus County Animal Services will be launching a behavior enrichment program which will help decrease the stress of a shelter environment on our furry guests. Shelter enrichment programs help to reduce the stress and boredom of shelter life.  With shelter animals, behaviors such as hyper-arousal, depression, and obsessive/compulsive behaviors are not uncommon when enrichment is not present. Dogs and puppies may display behaviors that make adoptions more challenging simply because they are not given the opportunity to chew, be mentally engaged, or interact calmly with humans. This is especially true for canines that arrive at the shelter with behavior challenges. Research has proven that mental health goes hand in hand with physical health. For example, stress is the #1 cause for upper respiratory infections in cats which creates a vicious cycle that can lead to bigger issues. All shelter animals benefit from enrichment programs. Therefore, we are requesting donations of the following items:

·         Martingale dog collars of all sizes

·         Spray bottles

·         Non-alcoholic extracts like vanilla, lavender, coconut

·         1 ½ to 2 inch diameter 20 or 40 PVC pipe cut 12-16 inches long, female slip by male thread cap for one end and female cap for other end.

·         Temptation Cat treats

·         Interactive and food puzzle cat toys

·         Cat toys

·         Clickers for training

·         Nylabone Galileo

·         Bubbles

·         Bubble machine

·         Goughnuts (all sizes and types) http://www.goughnuts.com/ 

·         4ft and 6ft long and 1 inch wide Standard Clip leashes

·         Natural balance beef, chicken or lamb food roll

·         Pupperoni

·         Empty boxes (no tape or staples – shoe box size up to 16inches x18inches)

·         Empty toilet paper rolls/paper towel rolls

·         CD player (5)

·         Calming music for dogs and cats CDs

·         Tug toys (no plush or stuffed toys)

·         Knucklebones

·         Bully Sticks

·         Black XL Kongs

·         Interactive puzzle toys for dogs

·         Low sodium chicken broth

·         Deep large Muffin baking pans

·         Blue, Red, and black Dry Erase Markers

·         Ziploc sandwich bags

·         Working Freezer (1)

·         Carabiners heavy duty

·         Chain

·         Medium size metal bowls

·         Catnip

·         Cat laser lights

·         Cat scratchers (large and small) and/or turbo scratchers

·         All plastic handheld scrub brushes

·         Tomahawk Feral Cat Den Item # TMHK116

·         Jolly balls (10 inch) and Jolly Eggs (12 inch)

·         Pink, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and Orange Colored Printer paper

·         8x11 Laminating sheets

·         Buster Food Cubes or Kong Wobblers (Large and Small)

·         Plush squeaker toys

We are excited to be launching this new program for our shelter animals and if you can help in some small way it would be greatly appreciated. Questions about any of the items we are requesting should be directed to Colleen Yarbrough via email atColleen.yarbrough@citrusbocc.com or (352)-746-8408


Shih Tzu and Pomeranians available beginning Saturday July 15


Last month, Citrus County Animal Control seized over 30 small breed dogs. Most are either Shih Tzu or Pomeranians of various size, color and age. These wonderful dogs will be made available for adoption starting at 10am on Saturday, July 15. All adoptions will be completed on a first come, first serve basis and only one dog may be adopted per approved adopter.  If you have been looking for a small, companion dog this is a great opportunity. For more information on adopting a shelter pet call Citrus County Animal Services at 352-746-8400 or visit the website at http://www.citruscritters.com/contact_us.htm.


Southwest Florida Water Management District’s (SWFMD) maintains once-per-week lawn watering and other restrictions in the District’s northern region, which includes Citrus



Gym Passes Available at Central Ridge Community Center







 Dakota Access Pipeline Updates on ENR Tab





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